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Ferritin Boost by Ironology

Iron Deficiency is the #1 nutritional disorder in the world. Taken daily for at least 90 days, ironology™ Ferritin Boost can help increase ferritin levels to replenish iron stores. With a superior form of iron and our proprietary complex of proven ingredients, it’s formulated for optimal absorption without the common unpleasant side effects of many other iron supplements.

Iron Block by Ironology

Hemochromatosis Iron Overload affects over 1 million Americans. Using a patented formula, ironology™ Iron Block is formulated to impair iron absorption. Taken with meals, it allows for eating more freely of the many foods and beverages that are high in iron. In addition to blocking iron, it also reduces inflammation and oxidative stress, relieving the pain often associated with iron overload.

Simple Ingredients

Our formulas rely on the finest and most natural ingredients possible, each one selected for its unique properties and abilities based on the complex Science of Iron.

Made in the USA

Our products are proudly made in Upstate South Carolina in a GMP-certified, family owned and operated nutraceutical manufacturing facility. A team of experts oversee every aspect of production.

People Focused

Our company was founded by three individuals who have personally battled their own iron disorders and studied the Science of Iron for nearly 60 combined years.


Real individuals that just love our products


Iron Block is a product that really helped me control my iron levels. Before taking the product, I had an iron saturation of 96%. After 3 months of taking the product, my iron levels were tested and my iron saturation had fallen to 37%! I take Iron Block with meals and found that it was very easy on my stomach. A wonderful product. I'd recommend it to anyone with too much iron.


Through the years, I've tried almost every iron supplement on the market. They all caused terribly unpleasant stomach issues from cramping and nausea to diarrhea and constipation. I turned to heme iron products but I didn't like taking something made from animal blood. Ferritin Boost is the only iron supplement and regimen that has worked to increase my ferritin levels without side effects!


I have tried supplements with iron in the past.  Because of my very sensitive stomach, I experienced terrible adverse reactions.  I was unable to tolerate any supplement, even with the lowest dosage of Iron Sulfate.  I am so grateful to have found Ironology Ferritin Boost!  Ferritin Boost is gentle on my stomach.  I have taken it nightly for about 3 weeks now and have been so pleased.  I have had no GI issues whatsoever.  In fact, I am already sleeping better, have no leg cramps and an increased mental acuity.  I am so encouraged and look forward to my first 90 days and what Ironology can do for my quality of life.


I know it's too soon to really notice an improvement, but so far so good! I'm 20 days in and no side effects or stomach issues taking ferritin boost!


Great news! Five weeks all iron levels improved! Ferritin 18 to 34; saturation 11% to 19%; serum Iron 45 to 63!