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We study Iron so you don’t have to.

If words like Serum Ferritin, Hemoglobin, and Transferrin make your head spin, don’t worry! Ironology™ was founded by three individuals with a common interest and personal connection to Iron and nearly 50 years of combined experience in the research of Iron Disorders. We are in fact Iron Educators certified by the world-renowned Iron Disorders Institute. We’ve studied the science of Iron so you don’t have to. While you do need to be your own advocate, you shouldn’t have to be a chemist, scientist, or doctor to understand your Iron levels or how to feel better. You just need the right solution, from the best source, taken in the correct way in order to achieve the results you have been hoping for. We include with every order our ironology regimen -- a cheat sheet of important information in easily digestible sections, such as which foods to consume or avoid and which Iron tests the Iron Disorders Institute, one of the world’s leading authorities on Iron Disorders, advises as essential for keeping informed while managing your diagnosis. Follow us on social media for frequent tips and reminders to help you stay on track towards your goal of balancing your Iron and feeling better.

Less is More — We feel confident that you will find our solutions better, safer and more effective than other supplements for treating Iron Deficiency, and we offer one of the only over-the-counter (OTC) solutions for Hemochromatosis/Iron Overload. We’ve gone to great lengths to ensure that we use the best ingredients in their simplest form, as more is not always better when it comes to the treatment of Iron Disorders. Mega dosing on Iron supplements can lead to numerous problems including upset stomach, constipation or pain which often leads to discontinuing the treatment and spiraling further downward on the Iron scale. Donating blood excessively through therapeutic phlebotomy can be too much of a good thing for Hemochromatosis/Iron Overload patients, leading to lethargy, seizures and even Iron Deficiency Anemia.

The Dietary Dilemma  Making changes to your diet may sound like an easy and practical solution for Iron-Out-of-Balance®, but choosing or avoiding the correct pro-Iron and anti-Iron foods and beverages can actually be quite problematic. For example, adding spinach to your diet may seem like a great plan to defeat anemia. Spinach is high in Iron, right? Everyone knows that. However, what those who haven’t studied Iron may fail to understand is that spinach is also high in calcium and fiber, both of which block Iron from being absorbed. The same goes for many other foods. There are very few straightforward answers when it comes to a recommended diet for treating Iron Disorders which just adds to the frustration of an already perplexing diagnosis.

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