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Two Extremes: Overdoing Iron Overload Treatment Can Create a Need for Iron Supplements

Two Extremes: Overdoing Iron Overload Treatment Can Create a Need for Iron Supplements

By Ronnetta Griffin 

I am proud to say that after all these years I am considered an expert in my field. That field is Iron Deficiency. I have lived it most of my life and have helped many women overcome it. As an active volunteer and Board Member of the Iron Disorders Institute, I represent a variety of Iron Disorders that affect millions of people. I am a Certified Iron Educator which means that I can coach anyone with an Iron Disorder. At ironology Health Solutions, we offer solutions for both iron deficiency and iron overload. But I typically choose to “stay in my lane” on the low end of the iron scale and leave most of the Hemochromatosis Iron Overload education to my partners, Cheryl Garrison and her son David Garrison.

David's Story

As a teenager, David suddenly developed Juvenile Hemochromatosis and nearly died. But thanks to his mother’s refusal to give up and instead follow her “mama bear” instincts to find answers and help, David survived. As an adult, he created Hemochromatosis.org and Cheryl co-founded the Iron Disorders Institute. So they are the experts on Hemochromatosis Iron Overload. But sometimes a patient will veer into my lane and I need to get involved. Let me explain.

Iron Supplements for Overload?

The most common treatment for Hemochromatosis Iron Overload is therapeutic phlebotomy (blood donation). Depending on the severity of the overload, the individual may require numerous phlebotomies over a period of time to bring iron levels within normal range Without vigilant monitoring of the person’s iron levels and a full understanding of the complex Science of Iron that we at Ironology and some knowledgeable health care practitioners posses, things can get out of hand. A patient with iron overload can actually be taken too far in the opposite direction and if overbled, he or she may become iron deficient. Although it seems counterintuitive, iron supplementation would actually become necessary at that point. And that is my area.

Most people with Hemochromatosis Iron Overload will want to use our ironology Iron Block to help impair absorption of dietary iron found in many foods and beverages. But there will be cases where those same individuals will have a need for ironolgy Ferritin Boost. This product is formulated to boost ferritin and improve iron stores. It’s a balancing act and it can change before we even recognize the signs or symptoms.

Iron Block for Iron Deficiency?

Of course the flipside of this scenario can also be true. Some people, mostly women, receive mega doses of iron, often in IV form, to treat iron deficiency. At times, too much iron can be absorbed and a woman can find herself in the situation of having iron overload. In that case, ironology Iron Block could be useful for blocking further iron absorption when balance is being restored. 

Finding Your Balance

Iron-out-of-Balance® is a sliding scale and you can find yourself on either end of that spectrum at different times in your life. Sometimes you may need an iron supplement like our Ferritin Boost, and sometimes you may need an iron inhibitor like Iron Block. The key is being vigilant in monitoring your iron levels which is something that most doctors may not (and often will not) do. Because it’s often difficult or cost-prohibitive to obtain iron tests, we have developed the Ironology Iron Panel with our affiliate Accesa Labs to help you save time and money. This test bundle can be ordered online and completed at your local Quest Diagnostics. Use our link or code "ironologyhs" to save 10% on your total order. Receive confidential and secure test results electronically, then share those results with your physician for proper diagnosis and recommendations.

Best of luck and remember that ironology is here for you regardless of where you may find yourself on the iron scale, whether it’s one extreme or the other.

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