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If you’ve found ironology, you’ve likely been tested with a full Iron panel and diagnosed with Iron Deficiency Anemia or Hemochromatosis/Iron Overload. If not, click here to order the ironology Iron Panel.

Through our experience as health advocates and Certified Iron Educators volunteering with IDI, we have heard from many thousands of women and men who are desperate for help. By far the number one question asked by Iron Disorder sufferers across the world has been, “What supplement can I take that will help my condition?” This was followed closely by, “What solution is the safest with the least amount of side effects?” We could encourage Iron testing, educational materials, lifestyle and dietary suggestions, but we  grew frustrated and even angry that there were no real solutions to offer. That is until now.

Our list of ingredients may be short but our investigation period and formulation process was long. Our deceptively simple combination of ingredients is actually complicated in its design. After an extensive review of the available Iron-related products on the market, only the finest ingredients known to meet our specific goals made the cut. Each one was deliberately chosen due to its unique properties and special sources. It’s important to know that while a long list of ingredients on a label might look impressive, adding ingredients solely for the sake of looking trendy or sounding healthy might do more harm than good. In the case of iron, the wrong ingredients can in fact cancel out progress entirely, be counterproductive or even dangerous. As such, we use only those ingredients that are scientifically proven by the world’s foremost Iron experts to help increase or reduce your Iron levels in the simplest, safest way. But we even go a step further by providing our clients with the necessary education, regimen and support they need to achieve successful outcomes.

We believe that knowing who makes your supplements is almost as important as knowing exactly what goes into them. You will be happy to know that all of our products are made in the USA in a GMP (Good Manufacturing Process) certified, family owned and operated 100,000 ft2 facility near Greenville, South Carolina where Ironology headquarters is located. With a PhD Chemist and Biologist on site, all ingredients are tested before manufacturing and each finished product is testing after manufacturing to ensure the highest quality supplements possible.